braille blocks


Design Collaboration

Partner: Alyssa Vani 


Braille blocks is a set of sensory blocks that combine the tactile functions that building blocks and sensory boards provide, with everyday textures. Braille blocks allow blind or visually impaired toddlers to understand what surfaces and textures correspond with certain words.

 Children can experiment with unique everyday textures, while learning how to describe what they are feeling. Each set of braille blocks comes in a custom wooden box for storage, and a separate removable wood mat for matching. The wood mat has the name of each textured block written in braille and in print with a hole for the block underneath it. Toddlers can remove this mat from the wooden box and match the individual blocks with it, making it multifunctional and storage friendly. These blocks are durable, colourful, stackable and incredibly fun. 

braille blocks is the Golden Winner for the 2016 International A’ Design Awards in the Toys, Games And Hobbies product design category.